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    well has anyone used AOL 3.3?????
    I'm planning to get that program since I also use AOL for my email as well.

    But since I'm a Treo (and Palm OS) newbie, I decided I should go at least a few more days before installing any 3rd party programs. I'm still learning how to use all the built-in programs. But I think sometime next week I will install AOL 3.3 as my first program.

    I'll let you know what the results are then. I did read over the manual posted on Handango, and from the screen pictures it looks good. Only thing I read that I did not like is that it says if you are idle for an hour, it will automatically sign you off. But I'm not one of those people who intends to stay signed on 24/7, so its not a big deal for me.

    A good solution for people wanting to stay signed on 24/7 may be to enable IM forwarding through AOL's website. Then as soon as someone IMs you, then sign onto AOL and continue the conversation. That way you only use SMS for the first message. That will also conserve battery life as well since you won't be using the data connection when you are idle.

    As for handling of the buddy list, it looks to be exactly the same as on the desktop. What I'm curious about is if it shows people who are signed on with a mobile device. I've found this to be a problem with some Mobile AIM programs -- they don't show the little phone icon, so it looks like these people are signed on from their computer. I'd prefer if those people weren't even listed at all as being signed on, or at least list them with the little phone icon so I can tell they are on their phone and not on a PC. About half of my friends use IM forwarding, so they always appear online 24/7. When I'm using my PC, I can tell if they are really online, but with many Mobile AIM programs, I cannot tell which makes having them on my buddy list kind of useless.
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    well did anyone ever install AOL 3.3??
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    I have successfully installed AOL 3.3 on my 680 without any problems. I dont leave it signed on and therefore, do not have any problem with battery drain from the program.
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    ok so it does work then. however I would have it on almost all the time. is it worth the 20$ because I'm a heavy aim user
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    I installed it a few weeks ago and did a full review here:

    I'm pretty sure it's the only full review of this program out there. A google search for "AOL 3.3 Review" turns up this as the first link.
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    i have not tried a chat program yet. I've decided i don't use them enough, i sms or mostly email my friends, work contacts, family b/c they all have smartphones. email is free!

    If i was going to pay for one though, i would get shape services IM+
    It works great on my friends sony ericsson p990i. I've read good reviews about it, seems to be top of the list? anyone disagree?

    oh and AOL...why would anyone want to install any AOL software? That scary.
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