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    i jus tgot my 680 today and so far i have had to pull the battery out 5 times due to freezing, it seems that whenever i try to send a text it freezes and when i try to connect to AIM on toccer and once when i was sending a message on mundu IM. anyone know what the deal could be?
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    Seems like you have some sort of software conflict causing your crashes. Your toccer software is probably the culprit.
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    its froze 4 times since the first post, ill delete it
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    how do i delete it, if i highlight it then use the scroll down button to delete it, it freezes
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    also now my touchscreen doesnt work
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    hard reset and try agian
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    will i lose all my contacts? and how do i perform that. sorry first time treo user so i dont know the ropes
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    Did you back it up first? then you could hard reset...
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    how do i back it up?
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    Have you read the manual yet? Do that NOW if you haven't...

    1. Have you intalled the Palm software?
    2. If so, did it fully sync and do you see your contact, events, etc on your computer screen?
    3. If you didn't install the Palm software, you haven't sync'd, and will lose your information if you DO hard reset.
    4. At this point, sounds like you have no choice either way since you can't uninstall without freezing.

    Where in the above are you?

    Crimson™Waiting for Battery Fixes to buy again...
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    do you sync with outlook?

    where were all your contacts before you got the 680?

    I have the 700wx so I don't know for sure but aren't all your contacts on your sim card?
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    i had a sidekick 3, i just finished putting all my numbers in
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    so i did the hard reset but my touch screen WILL NOT WORK!!
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    Have you applied a screen protector?

    Has part of it slipped under the frame of the Treo?
    This could cause the screen to think it is being touched -- and it will not respond to a new touch.

    Try removing it. Or, if no screen protector, check for dirt or paper between the screen and frame -- take a stiff piece of paper around and under the frame around the screen -- no more than 1/8th of inch to see if you can find something stuck and pressing on the screen. . . . . . .

    Is there a key that is stuck in the down position? This will also "disable" the screen.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    thank you perry that worked :-)
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    Whew! Best to go do that hotsync now man!
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    It is best that you start with a "virgin" phone with no 3rd party software installed for a few days, and then slowly add applications one at a time.

    And don't forget to read the manual first!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by th3godf4th3r View Post
    thank you perry that worked :-)
    Glad it did! Sorry you lost your contacts before we discovered the answer. Anyway -- do get that desktop software installed and hotsync to it -- that way you will have a "backup" to restore from -- at least as current as the last time you hotsynced.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I find that IBM JVM makes my Treo reboot. I tried EQO for Skype support and it required JVM. Suddenly the phone started rebooting from time to time. I deinstalled the JVM stuff and it is stable again. (I subsequently deinstalled EQO as well).
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    so how do i back up only the contacts using hotsync?
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