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    A week after requesting a "Return Authorization" from Covertec, I finally recieved one. Little did I know that I have to ship the case back to France.

    I guess it's my fault for not realizing Covertec didn't have a US warehouse/distribution center. Needless to say, I'm not about to ship the $30 case back to Europe for refund. The postage would probably be close to half the refund.

    They make a nice product but it took a week to get a response out of Customer Service, luckily enough of the response was in English to understand, and to get a return I have to ship overseas. Next time I see a Covertec product I think I might like, I'll order from Treo Central waaaay before I try Covertec directly.

    Anyone know of anyone needing a horizontal case for the Treo 650/680?
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    I ordered a case and got it from them. Now I know that they are in France. Their case are very nice. I would check into the price of shipping though. Or you could sell it on ebay.
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    I'm chalking it up as a lesson learned. Overseas shipping will run a touch over $10 and in my opinion that's too much to return a $30 case.

    I'll hang on to it and give it as a gift, sell it to a friend, or hang it on the wall as a reminder.
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    Try putting it on CraigsList.
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    Coppertop, still have the case? What color?
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    It's tan.

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