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    I'm on my second Treo 680, having received a replacement from Cingular for the first one which was possessed. I'm only having ONE problem with this one... when I turn it on in the morning, the screen and keyboard light up for about 4 seconds, then go off for about 5. Then they light up again for about 4, then go off for another 5. Ad infinitum UNTIL I make a call (I call my landline at home). Then it works perfectly for the remainder of the day and night. I can live with this but it is an annoyance. Any ideas out there? TIA.
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    What third party software do you have loaded. Are any programs auto getting data like email? Whenever my email goes online the screen lights up so I could imagine that if a program is turning on then that's what your seeing as well.

    You may have to hard reset and reload one by one.
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    I haven't activated any data programs yet and probably won't (Cingular required me to sign up for it, but I'll cancel it after the first month), but your suggestion is sound. Maybe it's automatically "looking" for data reception. Thanks for your reply.
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    I had a similar thing happen. For the first 2-3 days everything worked fine. I installed the software on my laptop. I then synced it with the treo. That day I let the battery run down to about 10-20%. I charged it until full. I unplugged the charged and turned it on everything worked fine. I turned it off and it turned on and off and on and off, so I took out the battery and it worked fine with no hicup as of today. It's only been 20 hrs so I dont know if I will see this problem again. I also recharged it from 70% to see if it was something related to the charging. In the next couple of days I will try to run it down to 10-20% and fully charge it to see if I can repeat the problem. I hope not cause I love this thing. The only program I have is google maps and I have been running it for 4-5 days before the restart problem.
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    Thanks for your reply. I bought the "Now You Know Treo 680" book... it says for the newer type of battery in the 680, it's actually better to "top off" the battery charge rather than let it run down. Who knows? Thanks again for your reply.
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    Hey billwill, how is the book. I was thinking of getting it. Would you recommend it. Does it really have a lot good ideas on using the phone and does it show a lot of tricks and tips not covered anywhere???
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    Frankly, it's better than I thought it would be. It's definitely worth the money; some "Tips and Tricks," etc. as well as good step-by-steps for setting up various applications, etc. I definitely recommend it.
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