Saw this at Palm Addicts. Wonder how much this "feature rich" update will cost?

Brighthand on Office 2007 Support Coming to Documents To Go

Caught this over at Brighthand, Office 2007 Support Coming to Documents To Go. "Whether some people like it or not, Microsoft wields a very big stick in the computing world. That's why this company's introduction of a new version of its Office suite is sending ripples all around the world, and affecting virtually every mobile device user. This includes those who have a Palm OS handheld or smartphone and depend on DataViz's Documents To Go to access Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Office 2007 will be the most significant upgrade in this suite of applications in about a decade, leading to big changes in the associated file formats. Like Microsoft's own Office Mobile, the currently available version of DocsToGo does not support these new formats. There can be no doubt this will inconvenience Palm OS device users, but DataViz is promising that this situation will change, if not as quickly as some might hope. According to a company spokesperson, "Our plan is to roll out Office 2007 support in Documents To Go by mid year [2007]." In the mean time, during the months just after the release of this updated suite of applications, people who want to use Microsoft Office files on their handheld or smartphone, or share their documents with other PC users, would be wise to save their files in formats supported by Office 2003. "

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