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    I have Sprint Treo650 and bought Motorola H700 recently for BT headset. I went through the procedure described by Moto for pairing and it looks like pairing went smoothly. Moto H700 even shows up on my trusted devices. My BT is turned on. So why can't I get any voice in my BT headset ?

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    When I am on a call the BT icon shows where the Speaker phone icon is and I can select/deselct BT from there.

    Does your BT icon show when you are on a call? Also check your volume controls.
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    You mean the BT icon at the top right, near signal bars ? yes.

    What's weird is, I deleted the device then re-did the pairing. Now every time I turn on the headset, Treo wakes up and syas BT connection in progress and Treo stays lit and every 30 sec or so I get the same message that says connection in progress.

    What gives ?

    Still no sound coming through headset.

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