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    is this possible? the reason I ask is that will not properly show results unless the browser is in "fast" mode. however, that's the only web page I want to see in fast mode. Any way to make that setting in a bookmark (or any other way?)

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    Blazer does not have the feature that you are asking about.
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    Try bookmarking the "google-ized" page:
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    you know the google url to NOT use the mobile version? I saw it on here once and can't find it again...
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    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ Dog Doc View Post
    Try bookmarking the "google-ized" page:

    Works like a charm, thanks!

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    I use the skweezer-ized version.

    But yeah I wish Blazer can do it natively.

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