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    I'd like to be able to connect an FM modulator/transmitter (the thing that wirelessly sends audio to an FM frequency) to my 700p so that I can use my car radio to listen to mp3s and SprintTV/videos.

    I presume I'll need an adapter to go from the built-in 2.5mm audio plug to a standard 1/8" mini-plug. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good FM modulator and adapter combo?

    The TreoCentral store seems to only show one FM modulator, and a couple adapters. One of the adapters has one review saying it's great, and another saying that there was mono only audio when the user connected iPod ear-bud headphone thingies.

    My personal preference for an FM modulator would be one that allows me to use it on any frequency I choose rather than a preset 4 or 6 stations.


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    I'd go with Seidio audio adapter (from 2.5 to 3.5mm) and then the Belkin II FM transmitter.

    Belkin Tunecast II allows you to play in ANY FM station PLUS you can store up to 4 presets.

    I have that exact same setting in my car and so far it has been extremely reliable, and I highly recommend it.
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    i would go with the iRiver AFT-100 FM Transmitter. I have went through a ton of FM transmitters for my iPod and the iRiver has by far the best and most clear sound. It uses a technology called aerielle which improves the quality a ton. You will still need the plug adapter as well. When i bought mine it was 49.99 at best buy but i know there on ebay for a lot less. Hope this helps

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