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    downloaded the latest version of orb which works great with the treo.
    I also downloaded the newest version of Kinoma and it orb uses it instead of the one embeded in blazer.
    I cant get the side buttons on the treo to control the new kinoma volume though.
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    I just installed Orb as well and my audio files stream ok, but my video doesn't.

    I have the latest Kinoma on the 700, but what happens is that when I try to stream a movie, it buffers, says insufficient bandwith, buffers again, then resets the device.

    Tried to keep bandwith low too, and it still resets the Treo. Not sure why, or whose problem this is. Kinoma or Orb.

    Sucks really cause I wanted to see what streaming movies was like

    Wonder if anyone else is having this problem

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