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    When using the voice memo on the 680 it gives you the option of e-mailing the thing. So Isent a test one to my e-mail address and opened it up on my computer. My computer did not know which file touse to play the voice memo. Can anyonetell me?


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    On other palms it is a wave file.
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    I guess for some reason, like it is on other mobile phones, they decided to make it and AMR file. You can either download a converter, or play it with quicktime or realplayer.
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    Just ran into this and feel it is weak as hell!!!! I can't seem to find a preference to save to the SD card either!! This is on a 700P.
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    That's because there isn't an option. They took it out for some strange reason...

    SPG: What file format is it in? AMR?
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