I'm trying to put together the documentation needed to build a open source version of softick's audio gateway as they don't seem to be updating it anymore and it works perfectly for me except for the fact that it crashes my phone any time it's doing a2dp and a phone call comes in.

So, I've been accumulating ways of doing a2dp (it seems from a plain bluetooth perspective, the palm sdk should provide what one needs as a2dp works over acl and l2cap connections, which the sdk supports) and there's an opensource a2dp driver for linux (works relatively well w/ my headphones). So I'm relatively sure palm os can communicate over a2dp to stereo headphones, if programmed to do so, but that's only the first piece of the puzzle.

http://bluetooth-alsa.sourceforge.net/ (includes the sbc codec that seems to be integer math only, but haven't looked closely at it)

The idea at this stage is to have a sample file that a demo app can read (probably simple pcm) that it encodes via sbc and sends over the l2cap connection to the a2dp headphones.

The next stage would be to begin accumulating documentation on how one can capture audio output. Does anyone know how this can be done?

the idea at this stage is to expand the demo app so that while it's in the foreground it can hook the audio, get the raw pcm stream and encode it....

the next stage would be having this work in the background, I don't assume this is that difficult, I've just never done that type of palm app (in truth the ones I've done are relatively simple)

the idea at this stage is to basically make it so that one doesnt need to be in the app to do a2dp.

the next stage is relatively simple, it's basically implementing an interface for avrcp and enable things like ptunes to use it. so one would need to know how to pause/play the media application at a minimum (important for the next stage)

The final stage would be to figure out how to capture phone notifications (phone call coming in, phone call ended....) Does anyone know how this can be done?

I'm busy, so I expect this to take a long time, just trying to accumulate all the information so that I can make a determination if this entire project is feasible.