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    Hi Guys, I noticed that the hotsync cable is kinda difficult to remove. I feel likely I'm going to break it whenever I remove it from the treo.

    Has anyone else noticed this problem? Does it get better as the cable gets worn in?


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    I noticed that too. I tried skimming the manual for any info on that, but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know if there's a proper method for removing it?
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    i just push or pull it to the right or left and it easily snaps off.
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    there is no button to "release" the sync cable. if you notice the ipod connector it has 2 pressure things on the sides. nothing like that on this.

    i am scared every time i have nothing else other than usb to charge it. good thing I sync with BT atleast!

    is there any 3rd party sync cable that is easier to remove?
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    Personally I love it. I just spent a year and a half with a treo 650 that would *not* maintain a connection with that connector, and this is a welcome change. If Palm insists on sticking with this type of connector, I'm glad they finally got a cable that actually holds on tight.
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    I'm no expert, but agree that it is difficult to remove. However, after nearly 3 weeks I have gotten more comfortable removing it with a slight angled turn to the right or left as mentioned above. It's just the way it is made. The problem with some of the press tab ones is the tabs get weak or broken over time. This is fine, as long as it hold up under use. As I said, it has gotten easier/more comfortable with time...
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    I like how easy the all-in-one HTC mini USB cables work. Palm's proprietary connector is too "Nokia-like" and prone to breakage over time with use. This issue remind me of the old PC days when we had Serial and Paralell port cable plug ins before USB became the defacto standard.

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    i hate the new cable...but who cares right?

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