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    Does anyone have problem with your 680 restart on its own when picking up the phone? I have quite a few of those already. And does your 680 not recognizing the existance of the SD card? Mine does that every other day!

    I have restarted a few times already, and I tried calling Palm tech support.... it's silent on the other side for over 20 minutes!
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    I was having this problem and narrowed it down to phone technician, I also had problems with ringo. If you have one of those two programs installed, maybe that is what is causing it.
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    It does sound like a 3rd party app. to me. Not typical at all. I have no resets in three weeks except with one old legacy app I removed on day 1.
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    i got a call this morning and when i tried to answer, the phone just made a reset
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    I had the same problem on my 700. I finally deleted mring and it seemed to go away. I had the program for a long time before it developed the trouble.
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    OK... this is starting to sound very familiar. I recall the same discussions when I bought my first Treo 680... Resets... Loops... Third applications were to blame. It looks that these devices only work well with the Palm applications. Or are people loading applications not certified for the device?

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