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    Hello - I just purchased the new Kinoma 4 player and was looking for some info regarding movie file formats for the Treo 700p.

    I have a bunch of kids movies that I translated into 3gp files for my old motorola v815 phone however the screen size is too small. What file settings would anyone recommend for the Kinoma player and the 700p? For example, the screen resoloution of the Treo is 320 x 320 - would you use this for the movies as well or something a little smaller?

    And how about file type - mp4?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Check out this post for my suggestions abot using Kinoma Producer to make Treo/TCPMP compatible movies. (I presume if TCPMP can play them, Kinoma Player will too.) If you want to convert files directly from iMovie, you can almost replicate this settings from File / Share / Expert Settings / Options menu of Kinoma Producer, except that I prefer cropping the sides (i.e. 320 x 320) vs. letterboxing (320 x 240); I don't think iMovie will crop spatially (it will crop temporally of course, i.e. cut out certain time slices from a movie). Another route is to save the movie in a larger format (say 640 x 480) that Handbrake (free!) recognizes and use HandBrake to do the cropping. I've had good luck using Handbrake to make Treo/TCPMP movies directly from DVDs.
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    Thank you for the information

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