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    OK, now this has happened with 2 different BT headsets, the Palm Treo Wireless Headset and the Plantronics M2500 headset. Both headsets show the same symptoms.

    1. Pair the headset
    2. indicator turns inverse, then turns into headphone icon
    3. make a call
    4. call routes to headset
    5. hangup
    6. make second call
    7. call DOES NOT go to headset (just comes out earphone on treo)
    8. turn off BT headset
    9. turn BT headset back on
    10. make a call
    11. call routes to BT headset

    Does anyone elses BT headset act this way?

    Does anyone else have either of these BT headsets and yet the calls are always routed to their headset?
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    I did a hard reset and the headset problem was solved. I then restored everything except BT related files... and the problem returned.

    Wiping out saved preferences has appeared to solve the problem. Now I need to reenter lots of reg codes and such though.

    Even easier solution was setting Handsfree prefs back to "always route call to hands-free".... oops...
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