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    ...kind of like when you leave your paperbacks at the hostel and take what someone else left? Or even a way to give them away when I'm done?

    I never thought I would use the treo for this, but I downloaded the e-reader that came with the installation disc from Sprint, and reading is really easy once you get used to it. Not much diffetent than a paperback.

    Problem is the prices for an ebook are more like hardback prices, and I would never buy a hardback. Once I read a book, its on to the next, and give it to someone else.
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    Check out the newly revamped

    They are BY FAR the most advanced and future aware book publisher on the planet.

    ebooks there are slightly less than their paperback equivalent, as they should be. Most were purchased from $4.00 to $5.00.

    Many are FREE.

    Also, whenever David Weber publishes a hard back, he publishes a CD in the back cover with all of his works in ebook formats.

    The last book I purchased from David Weber had 33 ebooks on CD, including the current one! It was a pure joy to continue the book on the train or at the office on my Treo, while reading the hardback in bed at night. Or even reading on my Treo at night after the wife insisted I turn my light off.

    Baen is the BEST in this regard.
  3. #3 generally offers books at slightly less than the current paper version. IE, if the book is only available in hardback, then the e-book price is a couple of $ less than the paper price
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    My vote goes to, for the biggest selection and scoops on the latest bestselling titles. They got Stephen King, which was a big accomplishment, and they have Crichton, the STAR TREK line, and a ton of other genres besides science fiction and suspense. Very worthwhile buying from, and they look great on the treo.

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