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    I like the Seidio case (even though it broke the first time I dropped the phone...but they did replace it). I've always been anti-holster (too nerdy), but the phone has fallen out of my shirt pocket several times now when I bend over. My wife says its time to look nerdy.

    I like what I read about the P6 case, but read someones comment somewhere that it was too tight a fit with a skin or cover on. It seemed simple looking, and foolproof, with a supposedly very secure , yet slim, belt spring.

    I thought about the Seidio clip-in case, but several people say they broke, or popped the memory card out. There is a clip holster on the Seidio site now that specifies "for the rubberized case" and mentions a design to keep the memory card in. I don't know if this is the same as the "skinned holster", but people seem to have issues with that one.

    I would have bought this already, but know from my dropped Seidiocase that the material does break, no matter how strong they say it is. The clip-in case appeals to me if it stayed put, but if I'm going to wear a thing on my belt at all, I care mostly about security and unobtrusiveness...less so about whipping it out quickly.
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    OK, how about anyone use the P6 case with any cased 700p? Like the Siedio crystal, or anything thicker than just a skin film.

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