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    Just got the 680 and loving it so far, hadTreo withdrawls since my 600 died 1 yr ago, been living with a Razr.

    Anyhow, on the treo 600,650,700, the time and date are displayed in the phone app when you view the dialpad, but not on the 680? The 700 even has a pref for you to toggle to view time/date.

    Is this totally missing from the 680? or did I just overlook this pref?

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    The time & date are displayed in the middle (aka the picture) tab in the Phone app, as well as on the keyguard popup. The default behaviour is to show this middle tab when the user presses the Phone hardkey.
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    mine defaults to the dialpad when pressing the phone hard button!

    I guess I miss the time and date when I'm dialing! anyway to hack this back in?

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    The middle Phone tab works just like the dailpad. Which is why one of these tabs is a waste of space
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    TAKEphONE does this, and has a lot of other cool functionality, including the ability to choose from a number of very nice dialpad skins.

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