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    I have a new Cingular branded Treo 680, and I cannot get my MacBookPro to see it as a BT DUN device [the Mac BT setup assistant pairs up, but does not seem to see the option to use the T680 as an Internet device]. Has Cingular killed it like they did on the T650? Do we need shadowmite to [re]write his hack? FWIW, the Treo 680 User Guide [Cingular] seems to indicate that BT DUN is enabled. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I see it on mine with a MacBook Pro. Not sure why you aren't seeing. You have a data plan also right?
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    OK-I figured it out [...duh]. I had a misregistered SIM. I got Cingular to straighten it out, cycled the radio, and got the GPRS triangle. I went back to the Bluetooth Prefs, selected my T680 user name, then did a configuration. The Mac found the new features, and the T680 works as a BT DUN modem. Guess the Treo needs to have the radio ON, and proper GPRS service to then reflect its features over BT.

    However, I am not able to authenticate with Cingular. The Mac dials, it connects, tries to authenticate and fails. What 'phone number', username and password are you using for BT DUN? Also, what modem string? Any advice would be helpful.


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