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    I took a chance this weekend and bought the Motorola H350 from Staples for 29.99 -10 off coupon.
    It doesn't work properly with my Treo 650. It looses connection after about 10 minutes and i have to re-power back on the headset. If its On it automatically picks up the call.
    These are the same issues that I had with a Motorola H500 that I bought back in the summer.

    I replaced that H500 for the Scala 500 which worked great, but I lost it at the beach.

    So I think I'm going to have to return the H350 or resell it on ebay.

    Any recomendation on Motorola Units that work? Or should I just try to get a Scala 500 again.
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    I have the same problem with the H300 paired with a 650. There is a feature with the Motorolas that turns off the headset if it is out of range from the phone for more than 10 minutes. I think that the phone isn't sending a periodic signal that the headset can recognize, and as a result the headset thinks it is out of range. Does anyone have any idea how to change this? mabye a ROM change or a 'connection-keep-alive' program for bluetooth?
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    The H700 works decently for me...range is pretty poor though but volume is good. If you get it/try it make sure it's the B version (SN on the back of the headsset will end with A or B). When pairing, after entering the passcode click the dropdown and choose Car Kit instead of headset..if you do then opening the boom from the closed position will answer a call...saves BT headset battery life
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    The HS 820 worked very well for me. I've since moved to the WEP 200 after trying the H700 (terrible range on both my 650 and 700P.)

    I do have a manager friend using the H700 with a 650 and he says it's fine for him, but he is the only Treo owner I have ever heard of with that experience.
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