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    Hi Jeff

    I'm glad to have helped you out.

    Has anyone tried the link posted above on a Treo 700p? I'm tempted to try it, even though my phone is under warranty, but don't want to risk it if it doesn't work on the 700p.

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    Well, I replaced my phone through Sprint's replacement insurance program about 3 months ago. Now this second phone has the same problem. Very frustrating. At least the insurance is paying for itself but it is always a pain to reconfigure the phone as well as wait for them to replace it.
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    I tried the VolumeCare fix on this post as well. It didn't work for me either. I do appreciate the input though. I think my headset jack is actually shorting out the phone. If I plug in the headset, the phone resets.

    I've had my phone for about 9 months. I've read lots of post with people having trouble with their phones. I felt lucky that my phone seemed to have none of the problems that others were having (i.e. lag, resetting, loss of speaker and mic). That is until a couple of days ago. First, phone stopped making any sound when the phone was turned on or off. That didn't upset me too much. I thought I might have inadvertantly turned off the sound for that at some point. Then my phone stopeped giving an audible tone for voicemail or email. That began to bug me. I checked all the settings and they were fine. I planned to take my phone in today to have it checked. However, this morning, I could not hear callers, and they could barely make out my voice on their end.

    First I called Sprint Technical Dept about my problem. I told them that the phone functioned. That is as far as being able to place a call. I mean you could dial the number and it would connect. I just couldn't hear anybody and they could barely hear me. They told me that it was a "Tower issue" (WHAT?!?!). Well that didn't make any sense to me so I took the phone to the nearest Corporate Sprint store (35 miles away). They tested it and told me it was not working (Really?!?!?!). Anyway, they said they didn't have any 700p's in stock, and that would have to order one. They told me that it would take 2-3 days. I told them that this was nmy business phone and that I couldn't wait 2-3 days. The tech gave me his best effort at saying "I'm sorry". I told them to get one to me ASAP. I then found that they were going to get me a "refurbished" unit. Sorry guys, but I didn't pay $650.00 and a monthly full service fee to get some elses broken phone. I asked the store manager to look at it this way. If he purchased a top-of-the-line TV from Best Buy, along with an extended service plan that guaranteed repair or replacement, and it broke within the 1st year. Wouldn't he be a bit miffed if after the Techs said the the TV was not repairable, Best Buy offered to give him a refurbished TV? He said he would. I said, "Now you know how I feel." He just said "Sorry, it's our policy."

    The store wouldn't help me, so I called Sprint's Insurance Dept (800-584-3666). I explained my delemma. They actually had some new phones available to ship out. They agreed to ship me a new one instead of a refurbished phone. I cancelled my order with the Sprint store.

    Why do we have to jump through hoops to get what should be offered in the first place?
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