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    I'm not a power user by a very long shot -- a little phone, a little web, VersaMail, BigTime, that's about it. I've had a 650 for two years with Sprint and my new Cingular 680 is arriving today. I have Palm Desktop 4.2.1 on a MacBook.

    Can someone advise me on anything in particular I should or should not do to move my data, etc. over? I've had Treos since the 180 and I suspect I'm moving all kinds of archaic stuff forward. I've seen talk about re-downloading Desktop, doing hard resets to improve battery life, etc. Don't understand most of it (pardon the stumbling Luddite) -- I'd just like to figure out what steps to take to get my data over, without transporting any software that may trouble the 680, and whether I need to reinstall Desktop -- and if so, what sequence I take to keep my data.

    Thanks to anyone who has a few minutes to point out particular hazards and desirable procedures.!
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    The general suggestion is as follows.

    backup your old treo one last time.

    upgrade your desktop and hotsynch software to the version on the CD. The new desktop ver is 4.2 and hotsynch 6.0.1

    Find the folder where your palm software is installed then find the folder that has your username on it. Find the folder named "backup" and rename it to anything else.

    Do the hotsynch with your new treo.

    Get the latest versions of your 3rd party software and begin to install one at a time and use them to make sure it's all working before adding the next one. (Or at least install all the ones you know are compatible in one shot then the unknowns one at a time).

    By renaming/removing the backup file, the new hotsynch does not install all the Non-factory programs which is where the bad software comes from. Of course you'll have to morph these suggestions so that it works on MAC. If you can't get to or find the backup folder, then you'll understand one reasons why I don't use macs.

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