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    Rick, any word on integrating contact info into the Maps functionality?
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    what do you put for creator id?
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    For Google Maps I use GLM. Ben
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    Location menu item in Google Maps says longitude & latitude are accepted.

    Wonder if it would be possible to have a button (Locate) we could tap to show our current position based on reading a GPS sensor input?

    Anyone out there
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    FastFrank: Current version - don't believe possible. Impressive as the app is, it has no clue where the heck in the world it is. It's totally lost. You have to tell it where it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkjr2 View Post
    Great job Rick! Thanks for your time with this free app.....much appreciated. As stated above, it would be complete once the contacts are added to choose from and then go directly to GMaps to find an address route/driving directions.

    I second (third?) the accolades and the feature request. Working together with gmm could open up lots of clever ideas.
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