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    Hi guys, i'm new here and I have a few questions..
    I'm about to purchase a 680 and want to add a data plan.
    I was wondering if I do add a data plan to my voice plan, will I be able to start using the data plan immediately or will I have to wait until the next billing cycle? Thanks for any help
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    You don't say who your service provider is.

    Usually it's within a day and they prorate the first month's useage.
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    Oh, sorry about that ^^.
    I have Cingular.

    So, if I get the $39.99 data plan, I should be able to use the internet on the phone about the next day and not worry about pay-per-use thingie? Thanks again.
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    I'm on Cingular as well, and I was able to add my plan (MEdiaworks Basic for 9.95/month, unlimited for the first month!) over the phone and it was activated immediately. I tried on the website at first, but because we were going from no text plan and a older, grandfathered text plan to a MEdia bundle, I had to call customer service. They were very helpful though and we were able to use the new service right away.
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    ty for your response

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