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    Same card. Mine will be here tomorrow
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    Quote Originally Posted by chasnova View Post
    That's the card I have, and it works great. WOW!! I bought it exactly one month ago, and it has dropped by $35!!!! oh well..
    ooooh, look at the shiny Copper Treo 680
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    I have a built in texas media card reader on my Hp notebook. Its a pcixx20. I can read the 4gig sd but not the 8 gig sdhc even with the sdhc update from MS. It must have something to do with the type of media card reader you have on your notebook.

    My Transcend 8 gig card has a class 2 labeled on it. What does this mean? Have you guys tested your 8 gig sdhc with vfs mark? Write speeds are so slow compared to the 4 gig. Even formatted at fat32, its still slow.
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    I'm not sure the vfs results for the 8gb are accurate. it says my 8gb card is 'not recommended' but when I compare to other cards which it likes the 8GB isn't noticeably slower.
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    Its slower compared to the 4 gig especially in writing or deleting files. I have both formatted fat32. Does your Transcend 8 gig card show class 2 also?
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    yes. class II. perhaps my 4gb was 'slow' too. takes about 2 mins to load a 700mb movie.
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    Anyone found an 8GB SDHC that'll ship to Canada? I've found one at, but it's out of stock. And also seems to have them, but rather pricey once you factor in the taxes and duty/shipping.

    Patriot 8GB SDHC Class 4 @ for $95CDN, not in stock, and haven't heard a proper ETA

    Same card @ ecost for $90US (after rebate)

    Any thoughts? Class 4 is better than Class 2, and for me, ~$100 for 8GB seems like a steal. Can't buy a USB key of that size for that price, I don't think.
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    The 8gb SDHC is back at newegg.. and only 69.99
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    I'm in Canada, but I ordered a Transcend 8GB from Amazon and had it shipped to a friend in the US, who then mailed it to me. However, the card is actually branded as TopRam. I'm not sure what, if any, difference there is.

    The card works fine in my Treo 680. I put a lot of music, TV shows, and movies on it (ripped from DVD with Pocket-DVD studio) and it plays them all fine, with only the very occasional hiccup. It also takes pictures and video fine.

    It came with a free SDHC card reader, which turned out to be essential. Still, it was quite a bit slower to write to than my 2GB card, maybe 4x slower.

    The only problem I have with it is that it is *INCREDIBLY* slow to delete. Deleting a song in pTunes, or deleting a small file from Camera or mVoice takes *FOREVER*. I sometimes think it's crashed, it takes so long.
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    rener, could you tell us what Class the card is? The different class specifications indicate the minimum speed it has to attain to get certification. Class 6 is the highest, and I think Class 2 is the lowest. The Class number is its speed in MB/sec.


    What is Class Speed Rating?

    The SDA defines 3 speed classes in order to let users identify speed and performance capabilities of SDHC cards and the host products. The speed class rating specifies a minimum sustained write speed for SDHC cards.

    * Class 2: 2MB/sec
    * Class 4: 4MB/sec
    * Class 6: 6MB/sec
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    Quote Originally Posted by howiecam View Post
    The 8gb SDHC is back at newegg.. and only 69.99
    Too bad that it shows "Out of Stock"
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    It's class 2.

    I found a trick on another forum, where you perform a format from the command line, but use 32k size instead. This has sped up my performance quite a bit. However, I have almost exclusively large-sized files (jpg, avi, mp3) on the card.

    I ran some tests and it seems it is slow going from file to file. So reading/writing 3 1gb files is *much* faster than r/w 30 100mb files, is *much* faster than r/w 3000 1mb files.
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    sorry you saw it too late swieder,
    I ordered mine when I posted and received it yesterday.. Loaded up a bunch of stuff this morning and it has been great so far.. I can't wait for my SDHC card reader to arrive next week, it is slow using CardExport, but it seems as fast as my old 1gb 50x Kingston in use.
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    Anyone have experience with this Samsung 8GB card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nugzy View Post
    Anyone have experience with this Samsung 8GB card?
    Kind of shady...Looks like a Photoshopped Sandisk card. You may want to get the A-Data 8gb sdhc on I just ordered this for 66.99 on Friday and it will be here today (Monday). Some have had good results with this on the 650 thread. I'm going to give it a go.
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    How is the WRITE speed to your 8gb SDHC?

    I am using missing sync... and it takes a while to write to the card.
    (the treo recognizes 4gb but the mac sews 7.3gb free...

    ANYONE using a sdhc card reader/writer noticing faster read/write speeds?

    THANKS for the info and THANKS to everyone who has contributed to this discussion!!!
    (i did not have to buy an iphone to gave 8gb available!!!)
    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
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    It's okay with the SDHC card reader. After re-formatting to 32kb byte size (from the standard 16) it performs *much* better (although I'm storing large files exclusively -- mp3, avi, jpg, etc.)
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    THANKS for the reply...

    And even though the 680 only recognizes 4gb... it will be able to access/read the 'other' 4gb contents?
    **just curious...

    I should have also bought an SDHC reader, I am doing that right now...
    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
    T680 (COPPER) + Cingular = FUN!!
    My T650 & 6230b and NX70 are retired... =(
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