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    Hey Guys,

    I just got a treo 680 and this is my first treo so I need a little help from you guys!

    I have chatteremail installed on the treo and I can't seem to get my work email to work. My company uses POP email and I've been reading a few threads and still can't seem to figure out what the problem is. When I was using versamail, I couldn't get any email onto the treo either. On my laptop I used outlook to get all my email and i matched the settings on outlook to the settings on the treo and still can't seem to get it to work right.

    I'm also using the 6 month trial from Chattermail too and I got my gmail to "push" ok. Can someone help me out in getting my work email to do the same? Thanks!
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    2 points for you:

    1) Gmail doesn't do push because it's not an IMAP email service. It's only POP3 and you are probably only PULLING your email manually. To PUSH a gmail acct you need to forward it to an IMAP email provider such as fusemail.

    2) I doubt that you work email is POP3 which is why you can't retrieve it now or previously. If you have webmail and then your work email service is probably Exchange. With the EX plugin Chatter can sync/PUSH Exchange email.
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    1) Sorry, should have clarified...the gmail is being forwared through the emailtreo account from, which is IMAP

    2) Double checked outlook settings, and yes my work email is POP3

    I setup my work email through palm desktop to sync with versamail and I tested the settings and everything checked out just fine. It also sent me a message saying the test was successful. For some reason, I got that email from palm...but I'm not getting any other emails that are sent to that account. I tried a test message from my gmail to my work email and it shows up in outlook but when i manually retrieve it through versamail...nothingn

    Anyone else?

    *note: everything was tried on versamail...i figured once i can figure out how to get versamail to work I can probably figure out how to get Chatter to work
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    Not that easily. Why not forward your email from the POP accounts to the account? Ben
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    Not that easily. Why not forward your email from the POP accounts to the account? Ben
    Yea, I tried to access my remote webmail but I didn't see forwarding in any of the settings...oddly enough. So I was just trying to see if there was anyway that I could do it without having my emails pushed using

    I know a few people at my work are able to receive their emails through their treos...I'll ask around work and see if I can come up with anything.

    Thanks for the help!

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