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    Every time I start up Sprint TV and Kinoma begins to connect, my Treo crashes.I can't recall what I installed to give it this conflict. Can anyone tell me what definitely makes this Crash? I've tried to narrow it but I've got too much on my tree right now.

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    Hmm. Lack of response means I must have something unique doing it. Which I was hoping wasn't the case. Anyone?
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    All I can say is rename your saved_preferences file, then try it again. If it works, then it's something in saved_preferences. If not, then delete the new saved_preferences file and re-rename your old one.

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    I'm not sure how to rename the file. than zlauncher and the deleted the file altogether. But when I tried Sprint TV after a reset it said immediately that it couldn't connect due to a problem with the gateway. I then replaced it with cry old saved preferences file.

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