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    I am experiencing keyboard light flicker at any brightness below 50%. However, I only see this when using Blazer. In fact, it seems that the flickering is syncronized with Blazer's data counter (K count). At 50% (default?) I do not see any flickering.

    BTW, I have no 3rd party applications installed yet.

    Is anyone seeing this as well?
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    I'm seeing the same thing. They seem to flicker more noticeably when data is being used. (Try streaming video with Kinoma and watch them go nuts.)
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    Yup, I've seen it too.
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    Same here
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    Yes. And it's not just limited to the keyboard - if you dim the screen using OPTION+MENU, the screen flickers too.
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    I guess this behavior must be "normal" then
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    I was actually going to ask if this was happening to anyone else, it's very noticeable and drives me nuts.
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    Can't KBLightsoff or some other app turn the lights off?
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    If I use Omniremote, the flickering is really noticeable whenever the IR triggers.
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    Same experience with the KB lights. Can be very annoying. First time I saw it I thought my Treo was going to malfunction. I would not call it normal because I don't think the intention was to design the KB lights to do that. I don't know if it is a hardware issue or software. Hopefully Palm can correct it with a frimware upgrade if not it looks like a recall would be the only solution.
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    Even if we don't get a full ROM update, it would be nice to have at least a patch file or something. I guess this is the beauty of being an early adopter.
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    "me too"
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    ditto. (crimson 680 from palm store)

    i see both screen flicker and keyboard flicker at various times. a bit irritating.

    and (this should probably be a different thread): my treo restarts occasionally while in the middle of applications.

    i am not usually a bleeding edge early adopter but i really needed a new phone and i did want to get a smartphone. i like the treo 680 overall but those 3 things (keyboard flicker, screen flicker, inexplicable system resets) make me question wisdom of my decision to get one so early (and make me question whether i should return it)
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    This issue deserves Palm attention. It seems it happens across the board. They must release some sort of patch soon.

    I can live with short battery life somehow. But something simple as the keyboard light makes me wonder if this device is really ready for mass production. I am having double thoughts about returning it too...
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    How often did Palm release software patches for the other Treo's?

    I was roaming around a Motorola Q forum and saw that Moto just released a new firmware for the Q. And apparantly, the firmware 'greatly' improves the battery life. Made me a little bit jealous. XD
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    I've also noticed this behavior, but I am perfectly willing to wait for a patch on this. I've had other reset-related issues with certain preferences being reverted to default that bothers me a great deal more. And I'm sure that whatever power management adjustments Palm might have in store would be pretty much at the top of everyone's must-have list. So... in a large scope of ranking, this one would rank pretty low for me. YMMV.

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