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    Is it just me, or is the pairing between the 680 and earpieces flakey? I can run through the whole setup procedure and get to the point where the BT icon changes to the headphones. I'll use the earpice for awhile and then it will either not pick up a call or won't switch to the earpice when I make the call.

    Am I doing the procedure wrong? Missing something?

    It sure seemed easier on the 650. Is it because the Treo BT headset is 1.1 and this is now 1.2?
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    Post your BT headset model no. Some have known issues and Palm has a list of which ones they tested with the T680.
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    Sorry... thought I had. It is the Palm Treo Wireless Headset. I'd think it would work right off the bat. (I looked at the compatibility list and saw, as expected, that the Treo Wireless Headset is tested as OK).

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