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    I have been using the silicon skin made by palm just for the 680 these last few days. I decided to go with this one because a covered keyboard was important to me.

    I did not think I would like it but... that soft grip feel plus the look of the artic 680 in a clear skin is quite nice. The price is way too high but, this skin covers the volume controls, the controls on the front face as well as the entire keyboard...keeping crud out while you can still feel all buttons quite nicely. In fact I like typing With this skin better than without.

    It has a cutout for the bottom charging and ear phone, top ringer on/off button and the SD card drawer and stylus. It fits oh so perfect.

    Nice work Palm. Now bring the price down to half and sell it in the color of your choice instead of a three pack.

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    Do you find that the covered ear speaker muffles the volume too much? I bought the 3 pack of Flexi cases from Palm too, and can't understand why they would not have included a cutout for the ear speaker. It seems like a major design flaw to me. I had to resort to cutting my own hole by using an exacto knife and scissors. If I always used a headset for phone calls, it wouldn't be a problem. However, I don't always carry a headset with me.

    Other than the missing ear speaker cutout, I like the Palm Flexi case. My favorite case for a 650 is made by zCover. They haven't released a model for the 680 yet.
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    No, I don't have a problem with the skin muffling the earpiece at all...I have a problem with the 680 earpiece without the skin in the first place. : D heh heh heh..the volume is way too low on calls.. but that is another post! ; )

    For me, I don't think that feature matters as I can hear just as well and the phone is more protected...but Palm needs to do something about the call volume on the unlocked 680 period.

    Thanks for the tip on the zCover. I will have to check it out.
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    I like the skins too. I was worried about the speaker being covered as well but it hasn't been a problem yet. Unfortunately, my first skin has gotten a little loose due to forced resets.
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    I think Palm may be re-releasing the Treo 680 Flexi Skins with a cutout for the earpiece. Every website selling them has them backordered.

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