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    Hi Everyone,

    I am seeing alot of threads regarding a battery "fix" by preforming a hard reset.
    Could someone please write the exact way you preform a hard reset and what exactly are the procedures you need to preform in order to make the battery drain less quickly. (Leaving the phone to completely drain was suggested and also a deep cycle something....).


    Roy Arad

    Treo 680 Copper.
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    Make sure you have your things backed up before performing a hard reset. Don't wanna have to manually enter all your phone numbers and stuff...
    You could have asked this in the other thread. But it's ok, I'll reply anyway. =P

    Take the battery out.
    Hold the power button.
    Put the battery back in while still holding the power button.
    Wait for the black bar to load.
    Once the bar is done loading, the screen will go blank for a second & another palm logo will appear.
    When the logo appears, release the power button.
    You will be asked to press UP to erase everything.

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