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    I'm really keen to join the Treo club with either 680 or 750 so long as it has the capabilities for push e-mail with my work as I do a fair bit of domestic (Aust) travel.

    We use Lotus Notes and in the past I had problems syncing my then TT, so I gave up and now only sync my palms at home via Missing Sync to our iMac.

    Do any members out there use Lotus Notes and have any issues syncing there Treo 680's with it?
    What interface do you use to facilitate this?
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    I used Pylon Pro previously.
    I installed BES on one of my Domino servers about a month ago and have tested it with the Nokia E61 BB Connect and then the Treo 650 with BB Connect.
    It works great with both. I'm patiently waiting on the BB Connect for the 680...
    Until then I've set up a IMAP account and pull every 5 minutes. Not the same as push email, but close enough.
    My last message in my BBC inbox is the FedEx notification that my 680 was delivered....

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    Commontime is the only program to look at. I've tried all the others that were out about two years ago and this is the only one that works even slightly decently.

    The $75 hit at the beginning is tough, but rumor has it that the yearly renewal is much less expensive. Unfortunately, I had several problems hit me at once and missed my window of opportunity to renew within that time and have since abandoned syncing to Notes. That's ok, though - helps keep work and personal life separate...

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