If you've read my recent postings, you know I've had a lot of trouble with my Treo 680. I was a millimeter from just chucking it back to Cingular and going back to my 650. Today I took it and all the components back to my local Cingular store. They didn't balk for a second... were very sympathetic and got me a brand-new one in the box to replace it.

So far (it's only been an hour now), everything is working great, even the Search/Find function, etc. AND... it loaded all the 3rd-party stuff I had on my 650, and IT works as well! Maybe this one actually made it through QC... but stay tuned JIC.

Later this week I have a business trip to Atlanta; I can't wait to visit the huge PalmOne store there in the airport (there are two there, one in Concourse B opposite Gate B29 and another in Terminal T opposite terminal 8) and see what goodies they MIGHT have available for the 680 (hopefully an extended battery at least). If you catch them in a good mood, they'll also give you a 10 to 15 per cent discount.

BTW... I'm using the clip-on, horizontal leather flip-top case for my 650 and now my 680. It's GREAT for the 650 and even better for the 680... you no longer have to futz with the antenna going into the right hole and since the Ringer switch on the 680 is a little more robust than the 650s, it doesn't cut itself off every time I put it in the case. That's been driving me nuts with the 650... I was about to super glue the thing in place.

Don't worry... if I have ANY trouble with this Treo 680 #2, you'll hear about it.

Happy holidays to all.