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    No multi-tasking? So what? This 680 is sooo much better than the 600 I had years ago

    * Text messages intrude wherever you that works. Same with emails.

    * IM+ is much better on the 680 than my BB 8700 and it can run in Background mode which "looks" like Multi-tasking enough to me

    * My fingers are learning the smaller keyboard.

    * I can retrieve email at 5 or 15 minute intervals, so lack of PUSH is not that much of a concern. I can have multiple email accounts setup. Palm even has backend setup wizards for major players..just like Blackberry.

    * Browsing is faster than on my 8700. Bookmark app is better than BB's.

    * Calendar is more functional for me than BB's

    * MissingSync for Mac is MUCH better than PocketMac

    * T-Zones vs BIS saves me $14.00 a month

    * Camera and media player which my 8700 doesn't have.

    All in all, this thing is pleantly surprising me I wanted to give Palm another try and the colors (no reason not to let your device be fun) enticed me. Other than the battery issue (which seems to be getting better and will try the hard reset tip) I'm very happy with this device.

    Not bad Palm. Not bad at all.

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    I love it. Gettiing email, internet, and IM on the go is sweet. Before all I did was just send txt messages thru my Palm + BT phone connection, lugging 2 devices all the while, what an inconvenience. Now it's all integrated! I dig it. i'm actually posting from it right now!
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    The 680 is a great device.
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    Owner with positive experience usually don't speak out. There is definitely a need for a topic like this for those on the fence to see.
    The best thing for me is that the reception is much better than my old phone (SE K750i) I used to get so many coverage "deadspots", now not any more.
    This could be a reference for those using SE K750 w800... series.
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    Nice thread to start!! There has to be a lot of us who have positive experience with the 680.

    I'm really liking the 680. Came for a T-Mobile SDA. 680 beats the SDA hands down. My battery is getting a lot better also. My last Treo was the 600 so that and the old 270 are my only comparisons. Love the Blazer's speed, screen, bluetooth, phone clarity, etc. Some of the issue that are all over these board are ones that I can overlook and I won't even consider not using this baby. Some of us want the Treo to be a perfect device. Can someone find any gadget out today without something the can make it better? Probably not. The 680 is no exception Sure are some things that can make the 680 better but there are a lot of good things about the device. Come on, lets give the 680 a little bit more love.
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    I LOOOOVE the live stream from my fav radio stations.
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    I love the 680! Great phone reception, great form factor, blazing-fast internet compared to the 600 (which I loved), some cool shortcuts built in, and more capable by far! There is a MMS problem, but I contacted Palm and it is being worked on!
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    I agree; this is the best device I've owned. I love it!
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    Well FEDEX finally delivered mine today and I cannot believe the difference over the 650 - seriously, I am loving this thing. So far so good on most apps (as we all know, friggin TomTom 6 doesn't work yet) and the improvement in web access is just mind blowing. So far so good....this is a very nice upgrade!
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    My top ten things I like about my 680:

    10. Color, it is not boring.
    9. All my chargers and cables I could still use from my 650.
    8. New Keyboard.
    7. Better Bluetooth for my headset.
    6. Smaller Form Factor
    5. All the apps I need from my 650 work.
    4. No antenna sticking out.
    3. SD card enclosed, no longer accidentally pops out.
    2. More memory.
    1. More stable!

    BTW the battery has really become much much better. I get 70-75% as long as I was getting with my 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atg View Post
    * I can retrieve email at 5 or 15 minute intervals, so lack of PUSH is not that much of a concern. I can have multiple email accounts setup. Palm even has backend setup wizards for major players..just like Blackberry.
    If you need push, get Chatter ( Works like a charm on imap, pop, and exchange.

    (And, yes, I love my 680 too)
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    I am pleased with the 680 as well. The color, (I got a crimson one) turned out really nice, the bluetooth works well with my Garmin Nuvi 360, (it syncs the sim card address book quickly and dials out. Also shows you who is calling) Versamail and Blazer are improvements over the 650, and having over 60mb of user memory is great. I highly recommend this device.
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    I'm up and running quite easily. Chatter works like a charm and the only apps I am having issues with have already been reported (CityID display and TomTom 6). Otherwise, mine is working so well I'm looking for new apps to install just to give me a reason to play with the phone!

    So bring on the custom ROMs...please!
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    Minus the gibberish issue I am having right now, the 680 is a winner for me. I love looking at it. It's just a thing of beauty!
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    Here's what I like. Compared to my 650, the web browsing is much faster, the volume on calls is much better, the increased memory, and I like the smaller form. After 3 recharges, the battery life seems better than straight out of the box. I will likely buy a higher capacity battery when it comes out. All my previous apps work fine (TomTom 5, Vindigo, Pocket Quicken, Wine Enthusiast). I am happier than I thought I would be.
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    Best things (compared to 650):

    - Better phone voice quality and reception
    - Upgrades in phone function (e.g., escalating ringtones, ignore with text, add to existing contacts, etc.)
    - Much faster browsing and email downloads
    - More reliable (no crashes, no dbcache errors)
    - sleeker form

    These combined give the phone a much more polished feel. It's a pleasure to use. Like others have reported, the battery life gets much better after it has had a couple weeks to get conditioned/calibrated.
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    And don't forget that annoying interference your 650 would cause with speakerphones and other random equipment. much reduced on the 680.
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    So George, is it your experience that when you first got it, the battery was horrible? Because except for this, everything else about the phone is about perfect-- form factor, memory, new interfaces, buttons, phone application, etc.
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    My battery has got much much better over the past few days. I come home at the end of the day with over a half full battery...I also run chatter at all times, I would imagine this is a strain and it has your phone constantly looking for emails, therefore always connecting.
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    Well, I'll just say "me too" here - I've had every GSM Palm OS Treo (i.e., no 700p) since the 90 (well, it was just a "hot spare" for my 270 <g>), and while some things are "different" and need some relearning, there is nothing about this Treo that I dislike - and there are many things that I love:

    * Form Factor
    * Color (well, white IS a color <g>)
    * no antenna sticking out
    * very nice Blazer response
    * all of the apps that I need (except PalmVNC, and I've not used it that much lately anyway) also seem to work well
    * hidden SD card
    * new phone app (once I got used to the changes)
    * memory (I was often down to 500k on my 650 and frantically deleting data!)

    The battery is actually fine for me. I've always had battery "problems" on my 650 due to my "overuse" of it - so it's no different for me - I've had my Treo charging any time I'm not out of the house or out of the car since my 600! So I've not seen any big "issues" with the battery yet myself (as long as I have recharge ability whether in my car, AC or USB).

    I am very happy

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