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    Quote Originally Posted by medenblik View Post
    Well it happened again on my 3rd 680.....However on this 3rd 680 everything seems better.....meaning the sound is clearer than on my 2 previous 680's. ... I WILL WATCH IT OVER THE WEEKEND AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. IF IT MESSES UP AND MAKES ME RESET> I WILL SEND THIS ONE BACK AND GET A BLACKJACK INSTEAD.
    Why don't you take the advice given in this tread and have Cingular give you a new SIM? (Especially if this is the best Treo you have had out of the three.)

    Given that another poster indicated the network choice option is not where the Cingular rep was looking for it, I'd say they mis-diagnosed the problem.

    A current (outstanding, not yet proven) hypothesis is that maybe the 3G fireball SIM is causing the problem. Does your SIM have a fireball and say 3G on it or not?
    1) If so, your data point is consistent (but does not prove) the hypothesis.
    2) If you can get them to give you a new fireball 3G SIM and the problem goes away, you would have then disproven the hypothesis.
    3) If you get a new 3G Fireball SIM and the problem persists, you've almost proven the hypothesis.
    4) If they give you a new SIM without the fireball and 3G on it, and the problem goes away and you've done step 3, then you've proven the hypothesis with one data point. We now have a theory (which other data points can confirm). If you skipped step 3, we don't know for sure whether or not the 3G fireball SIMs are the cause (but you at least avoided swithcing to the BlackJack).

    -- Bob
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    I use to get the same thing with my cingular until I simply upgraded all of my 3rd party apps and it just went away. I can't say for sure that this solved the problem but I have never seen it since.

    So check to see if any of your apps have updates and purchase or download free upgrades to see if it goes away.
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    I have had this issue a couple more times since I did the hard reset, but the frequency is way less. I have had to soft-reset only twice in the last 3 weeks. My battery life has stayed good (3 days+ before a recharge).

    When it did the gibberish the first time after the hard reset, I put in the new SIM I had received from Cingular. With the new SIM, the phone would not connect to their system at all. I think they misconfigured it. When I put the old SIM back, it connected right away.
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    I went through 4 680's in 35 days and all had the garbled (alternative) text problem with inability to make outgoing calls. I spoke to a level-2 tech at Palm and various others at Cingular and no one has a clue as to what the problem is let alone a solution. I tried hard resets w/o my data, with my data, a new 3G SIM card, no third party programs and nothing worked. I even left a VM for the VP Engineering/New Product Development at Palm in Sunnyvale. I have been a Palm user since '99 and love the idea of the Treo but I will wait for a fix before jumping back in. Since the phone is only a few months old, I assume they will eventually figure out a solution.
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    Just to throw another log on the fire, I have had problems with this after installing the camera/battery patch. It happened the first day I had the phone, and then was not an issue for 3 weeks. Since I installed the update, this has happened multiple times a day. I don't know if this could help anyone narrow the issue down, but I figured I would put it out there.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem after installing the update?
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    Yes, as a matter of fact, it happened today. I applied the camera patch this past Tuesday. My phone was docked in its cradle at work today charging, gibberish present, no bars. I decided to try one of the "fixes" described earlier. I called my phone, it rang, I answered, hung up after about 10 seconds. The bars appeared immediately. I looked at the phone about 10-15 minuites later and the gibberish was replaced with "Cingular", as normal. No soft reset, no other intervention....

    I truly believe that this problem has to do with the periodic cell check-in communication from Cingular, and how the Treo handles it. I don't think it is a hardware problem with the phone.
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    Calling yourself (or having someone else call you) does fix the problem, but if you try to make an outgoing call with the gibberish present it freezes the phone and you need to perform a soft reset. At least this is what happened yesterday. I will try again today to confirm.
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    For those of you who have switched from a 3g sim to a non-3g sim, has it fixed the problem or are you still getting gibberish?? My apologies if that has already been answered but I didn't see it.
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    To follow up on my earlier post, making a call when in "gibberish mode" does cause the phone to require a soft reset. Also of note, I pulled the phone out when I got off the subway and when it was trying to acquire a signal it was cycling through a bunch of "gibberish" characters.

    I don't know what this means, but hopefully someone here can figure it out, or, alternatively, enough of us can establish what causes this problem and we can bring some consistant symptoms to the attention of Cingular and/or Palm.
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    My phone started locking up on calls about a week and a half ago. Cingular sent me another 680 - same problem. Cingular sent me another 680 - same problem. I did a hard reset on the first pone to make sure it was not a software issue. The second and third phones all did it with no software on it.

    I will change the sim card next - I think I still have one of my old sim cards from before san antonio went 3G. My current sim card says 3Gc but has no "fireball" on it.

    Cingular has been nice and sent replacements, but I don't see a fix in sight. Cingular would probably give me any phone I want - I really don't like the Windows Mobile phones, which doesn't leave me with much. The 700p is not on cingular. What else is there?
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    I just went though the support chat at Cingular on this issue. Cingular Support say they still have never heard of it, and anybody who needs it fixed should call the Warranty Team at 800-801-1101
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    I had this problem, and then it went away, and now it's back. Weird characters and no bars, so I reset and now it's stuck at "Network Search." I have the 3G Fireball SIM and will see if I can activate my old non-3G card to test this out.


    PS I'm in Los Angeles and three of my co-workers are also having this problem right now. Nice.
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    My wife has the 680 and has no problems. She has the 64K Smartcard in he phone. I had the Fireball 3G and it was a problem on the 4 phones I had. Someone should check on the compatability of the Fireball 3G with the 680 or find out which SIM works best in that phone. Hopefully this is the solution.
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    I have had the problem a few times on a none Fireball 3G sim card...
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    I am still having this problem and Cingular has been kind enough to send 3 replacement phones. I am kind of surprised to see post about anything but this issue. I suppose that means that there are 680 people without this issues or they don't make many calls.

    I kinda figured if I had 4 phones with the same problem it would be more wide spread.

    Are there 680 people who don't have this problem at all? (I guess so - I didn't have it for 6 weeks.)

    I don't know how many more phones they will let me try - I really am stuck on the 680.
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    You might find this interesting:

    I've got a 680 with a non fireball (64k smartchip) sim, there's no 3G in my area - never had the problem
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    Picked up a new 680 last week, only apps installed are missing sync
    Had the gibberish show up last two nights at home, reset phone all is well
    I will see if it happens tonight again. I installed the camera patch last week along with MS.
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    Hiya, everyone.

    I've posted this on the Palm and Cingular forums and wanted to share. I was seeing the scramble "cingular" text after less than a week of having my 680. I went back to the Cingular store and luckily got the manager. I explained my problem and she told me that the 680 is not a 3G compatible phone. She gave me a new 2G or 64K Smartcard SIM. It's been working fine for about a week now.

    Also went to the Cingular on-line store and took a look at the smartphones. I saw there were some phones with "3G Fireball" next to them and some without. The 750 has a "3G", the 680 does not. This kind of confirms thing too.

    However, there are others on the Cingular and Palm forums that say that the SIM is not the whole solution. Some of them are using the 64K Smartcard and are still having this problem.

    I'm thinking now that there must be an problem with the way a 680 receives signals in different areas/locations. Some people say they get the garbled text in one area and not in another.

    Hope this helps for now or I hope it's just give you a good place to start.
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    Having the same problem. Cingular says they never heard of this issue. Did the guy who switched sims fix it that way?
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    I bought my Treo680 two months ago and I was having the "gibberish" problem many time in the first month (particularly when I travelled). A month ago I went into the Cingular store and got them to change the 3G SIM into an old 2G SIM chip (the store told me I would need to do a hard reset to fully re-initialise the SIM). The problem reoccured quickly one I fitted the new SIM chip but I found that after I did the hard reset with the replacement SIM installed the problem has totally gone away. No gibberish now for 4 weeks solid. So to the folks who still see the gibberish problem even with a non-3G SIM try doing a hard reset (remove battery for one minute while the phone is on the mains charger then reinstall battery)
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