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    It took us awhile but we also installed the update about a week ago, and everything has been great.

    Thank you ATT for finally resolving this problem.

    It is exciting that we are on the same carrier now as the iPhone, so maybe that is the future for us. . .
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    One solution to "No Service" problem:

    Disable "Lock SIM" under the "Phone Lock..." option in Phone applicaton.

    What appeared to happen in my case is I got this "No Service" after my phone got disconnected from the phone network. This seems to happened when my phone gone through a tunnel, switching between mobile towers during travel at times and when my Treo 680 was under heavy load. My theory is that it try to reconnect to the phone network but requiring someone to manually enter the pid to unlock the SIM by default. It has gone to "No Service" state until someone enter the pid allowing it to reconnect back to the phone network.

    However, I observed that it now reconnect automatically like other mobile phones when it detected mobile signal again after disabling "Lock SIM" which bypass manual intervention of entering the pid to unlock the SIM.

    Take note though I have config my Treo to auto lock itself on power off requiring a password to unlock. This helps protect against other people making call with my Treo should it fall into the wrong hand.
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