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    Can people with a 700p and resco backup recommend the use of advanced scheduling settings? It seems like I'd want to set them, but not sure:

    - prevent db cache fragmentation
    - disable notifications
    - flush dbcache after backup
    - reset after backup (I think I don't want to set this since the Sprint 'phone on' music will play after the reset and wake me up. )

    Also, when is the best time to schedule a backup? I think that many apps phone home around 3am, so I have been backing up at 4am. But perhaps I should use 2am to backup before all of those activities happen.
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    On my 700p, I have resco backup set to update a particular "set" at 03:00 everyday.

    I also have it set to flush database and to prevent fragmentation.

    I don't use the "reset" option, because the reset is the same as flush database.

    I don't have any random crashes, but I noticed that the 700p, as any other Treo, will reset on certain apps and blazer acts weird if the DB Cache goes below 7.5 megabytes.

    After it clears database, my 700p shows the DB Cache at near 17 megabytes and has no lags and blazer works very well.

    I try to maintain at least 50 megabytes of available devise memory by keeping large apps on the card and use shortcuts to launch them.

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    Thanks for the info!
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    one other little add - creativeguy: I also use Phone Technican to control the radio on/off. It has an option to turn the radio on/off silently - even after a reset (however, it will still "chime" if you do it manually). Love that feature!
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    After changing my settings last night to:

    - prevent db cache fragmentation
    - disable notifications
    - flush dbcache after backup

    the resco log showed that the Google Maps DB (tile cache-glm) was corrupted. When I tried to launch Google maps, it failed. I deleted the app and reinstalled with little trouble but can my backup settings cause something like this?
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    No, not at all. The Palm OS is not a multi-tasking operating system. When another application is launched, the previous application is closed. I have been using Resco Backup for several months and Google Maps since it came out and not a problem experienced. Ben
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    I would want my backup to run AFTER any apps "phone home" so if a restore is needed I'm current for the day.

    In the "Scheduler Options"
    Check "Allow Scheduled Backup"
    Check "Turn off after scheduled backup"
    Check "Show abort button" (although this is of little consequence)

    Other settings:
    Max # of Backup Sets: 3
    Check "Compression - Fastest"
    Schedule: Update / Every day highlighted / 4 a.m.

    Check "Prevent DbCache Fragmentation
    I do not check "Flush DbCache" or "Reset" (personal preference)

    Hope these setting listings help (which was the original request)!
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    For newbies, can you give a description of what each of these procedures accomplishes? Like, advantages and disadvantages of flushing the DB.....
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    Let us play link with this:

    The discussion can get deep; the above provide a good easy discussion of this subject. Ben

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