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    I have had a adata 4gb sd card in my 700 for the last 3-4 months it worked with no problems. Three days ago it just stopped working. The computer sd reader sees it and my two digital cameras can use it no problem. I have tried formatting it on the computer and on the digital cameras no luck. When I put it in the treo it doesn't recognize it at all no sounds nothing. I have a 2gig and a 1 gig card that work in the treo no problems. I mean the card is not broken it works in the computer and camera and the treo is not broken because other cards work in it. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
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    I would try to format on the T700 next. It will take some time with 4GB card. There are reports that the ADATA cards are problematic, but I have two on in my T650 and one in my wife's T700p both 2GB. I have not had problems yet. To format use the CardInfo program.
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    That is where the problem lies. The treo will not see the card at all so I cannot format the card on the treo.
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    Try to push it harder into the phone. Adata has life time warranty just so you know.
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    I called Adata and they gave me a RMA#. I am worried if I send it in they will say it works fine. Because it does work in my computer and my cameras. It just doesn't work in the treo anymore. IF I say that they may say the treo is not approved to use 4 gig sd cards.
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    Try inspecting the contacts carefully and see if there is any goo imparing the connection. Try carefully cleaning with a pencil eraser.
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    Install CradleCare to see if it solves the problem.
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    I did clean the contacts and it works fine in the computer sd reader and the digital cameras.
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    Tried cradle care too could not or did not see the sd card either. I gave up on adata and ordered a transcend yesterday. I will use the POS adata card in my digital camera. Word of advice stay away from the adata cards.

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