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    Okay, right now I have Verizon Wireless with my Treo 650 and have it it for going on two years now. Recently moved from Cincinnati, OH to Greenville, SC and the service here stinks. I'd rather pay the cancellation fee than wait 12 more months so I can switch carriers like to Cingular and actually have some sort of signal like everyone else that has Cingular around here.

    Anyway... Verizon has their Wireless Sync application that monitors Outlook and once an e-mail is received it send it over to the Wireless Sync sever at Verizon then pushes it to the phone. Works perfect for what I need and the push is very fast where it's only minutes after the e-mail is received in Outlook that my phone goes off. It's really the only reason I haven't dropped Verizon since I love the sync capabilities of it syncing my contacts, calendar, ect. through Outlook whenever I make a change or send an e-mail. Like I said, it works perfect and I don't think I'd be satisfied with an IMAP account after reading up on it. I'm looking at other carriers and Cingular has their Xpress Mail which doing some research some people do or don't like it. I've found Cingular's Xpress mail site and downloaded the app but have mixed feeling about whether or not it does what I'd like since I have subfolders in my Inbox in outlook which aren't being sync'd over to the phone application and aren't even syncing anything that is in those folders over to my phone. Alltel, I haven't really found much but what I see their software it's made by the same company as the Cingular program (SEVEN Networks) so I imagine it'll do the same thing. I'm also having an issue with the push but I have reason to suspect thats probably due to me not being on the Cingular network.

    So, can anyone give me some input that is using the Xpress Mail app or can anyone recommend a service that can do what the Verizon's Wireless Sync app is doing by syncing to outlook without having to HotSync and use it as a replacement if I say bye bye to their crappy service I'm getting here?

    I'm also wondering now if I could keep the Verizon Wireless sync app on a Verizon phone since it looks like I can sign up for the Verizon service without even being a Verizon customer, like I did with the Cingular program. Or just install the program on a Cingular Treo and connect to my account. I'm just not sure if the Push would work for me since I wouldn't be on their network anymore so any input in that would help out as well since if I could keep Wireless Sync I'd be switching to Cingular in a heartbeat.

    Here is the client download and registration/setup page for Verizon Wireless Sync if anyone on Cingular feels up for giving it a try to let me know if it works...

    Thanks for any help you can give me and Merry Christmas!

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    I just posted a similar like ? in another thread:

    "TIA - I'm trying to figure out the best way to sync with a MS Exchange server. Here's what I understand my options are:

    1. Use Chatteremail EX for email and XChangeSync for PIM -- This is the solution I am using now (email is amazing) but the PIM support is still rough and only includes calendar

    Other options -- what are your experiences?

    1. Wireless Sync (Verizon) - seems like I could get all email/PIM but I don't like the idea of having to keep a computer on at all times for this to work. Is "push" really possible - does it work? Any experience -- are people happy with this approach

    2. Versamail -- but since I have a T650 -- I will not get full PIM support.

    I would really appreciate peoples thoughts/experiences -- how have you made this work? Is there any way for me (with a 650) to get the lastest version of Versamail - I think this has a more robust PIM support?"

    Anyone out there able to help us?
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    Yah, it's pretty close and with my experience on Verizons network I love their Wireless Sync for it's E-Mail and PIM sync to Outlook while keeping it pretty simple. Thought it doesn't support the sending of attachment I have been using Snapper for Versa for that using a wireless pop account that I have setup. For how often I send attachments though, I'm not too concerned about that since I'd just use the same setup I'm using now (Snapper, Vera, or something else that handles attachments.) The push works great the way it is now, like I said above, within a few minutes that an e-mail is received in Outlook my phone will beep to notify me of a new e-mail.

    blue212 - I suppose you're on Verizon also?
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    I've been using Verizon Wireless sync for a while, and it works, perfectly for my needs. I swapped a BB with my 650 and it gives me full push email and PIM functionality as the BB does. The only thing I do not like, as a previous poster has stated, is the requirement of having a PC monitor Outlook. I have not had a chance to look at BB connect options (if ever there was one for Verizon). One other thing, the mail client leaves a lot to be desired. If only I could use Snapper as my email client.

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    I agree about being able to use snapper or something else but just as you said, for my needs it still works just fine.

    So no on really knows if the Wireless Sync app will work on a different carrier? I guess the question is, is Network Push only good for that network? By that I mean if I used the Cingular app on a Verizon network the network push wouldn't work. Using the Verizon app (Wireless sync) on a Cingular network it wouldn't work... is that a fair statement to say or am I wrong?
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    Hi there - I just posed on another forum but I am having issues using Wireless Sync which I've just tried for the 1st time. I only use my Palm Desktop for my Treo (650) and on my PC. I set up Wireless Sync to see if I could get my work email on my Treo (not pushed, but to check it when I want). It's working. But what is confusing me is the way things are syncing betw. the Palm Desktop to Outlook and to my Wireless Sync home page. I checked off sync options on the handheld to only sync mail boxes (not cal, contacts, etc) but I don't know if that seemed to work. Now I still have all of my data on the desktop - most all of it in Outlook (everything from my Treo in outlook - which I'd rather not have) and I've got partial things going on on my Sync web page (because I tried deleting stuff) ... I need newbie help! I have a backup using NVBackup from a wk or so ago which I'd be willing to go back to & start all over if need be?!

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    Now I've gone & deleted everything from my Wireless Sync personal page online - deleted my sync device - have exited Wireless Sync on the desktop & am trying to sync my Treo to my Palm Desktop - and the calendar, contacts & task sync has failed! How do I get this back working - just Palm desktop to Handheld?
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    Make sure to enable allow others to sync option. Now that you've deleted it not sure that woudl be a problem unless there's some residual program there.
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    I see... I guess no one can answer my question but instead feels the need to just hijack mine to ask theirs.
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    Wireless Sync is a Verizon-only product, in the way you use it. You may know that Wireless Sync is a re-brand of the server product that Intellisync makes (who's now owned by Nokia, btw). I'm assuming you're using WS in the 'Individual Monitor' version -where you keep your PC on and connected to your Exchange account. Your PC watches your email and then the WS app that's on your PC (the 'Monitor') sends all your email and PIM data over to Verizon's big Wireless Sync server farm, which then in turn pushes that email over to your device. The key is there is the VZW server - you can't use Wireless Sync with any other carrier because VZ owns the server(s) that is(are) pushing stuff to your phone.

    But by no means are you out of luck if you want to move to Cingular. As you've stated above, their product, Xpress Mail essentially does the same thing as Verizon's Wireless Sync, although you may not love some of the specific details of their client app. There are also other solutions out there for personal redirectors - you might want to check out RoadSync from DataViz (although I think that's more of an Exchange 2003, SP2 solution) and also go over to and see if you can get on a personal version of their app. And yes, as you stated above, SEVEN makes the XpressMail app, and also the one that Sprint uses - Business Connect.

    Bottom line though - Wireless Sync is only a Verizon product, as you're using it, in the personal redirector mode.
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    Okay, that is what I suspected but I wanted to confirm that the push feature wouldn't work outside of the Verizon network.

    I'm not too much a fan of the Cingular (SEVEN) app as it doesn't sync the subfolders I have in my Inbox in Outlook. It syncs over my root directory of my inbox just fine but thats it.

    The Datawiz option looks good but as you said, it's more of just an Exchange server option whre it doesn't sync directly with Outlook that I can see.

    I guess the search will start for another application that I can use that isn't network specific....

    Thanks for the response!

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