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    I just started using my new 680 today (unlocked Graphite purchased from Airport Wireless). I was worried after reading some threads that the volume was not loud enough and perhaps I would need this "Volume Care" program.

    Just to give some background, I work in the music industry and as a result of many years in the studio with headphones on, I no longer have very good hearing. I normally find it impossible to talk on the phone if I'm in a crowded room or a restaurant. On all my cell phones, I've always turned up the volume all the way to max. On a number of occasions, I've returned phones that I really like for a different model because the volume was just not loud enough for me.

    That said, the volume on the 680 is wonderful. Much much louder than I figured it would be. I made my first call a little while ago, and it was quite loud, so I figured it must be on max volume. Then I checked and it was 2 notches below max. This may be the best volume I've ever had on a cell phone. Certainly much better than my last 2 phones which were a Nokia 9300 and a Motorola L2.
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    Volume Care works wonderfully.
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    Volume Care works wonderfully.

    Yes, and the annoying hissing that used to be present on the 650 is either not there, or i cannot hear it even at the loudest setting!
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