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    Hi there,

    So I've had a Palm for a long time, in various incarnations, and have been using a Mac for a little over a year now. I just upgraded to the 650, and here's my big issue - so when I first installed the new Palm software and everything and synced, apparently it did not sync with iSync as it previously had been doing with my 600, but instead synced with my Palm Desktop. So unbeknownst to me a lot of changes that I had made to my address book were saved in Palm Desktop, not on my Mac Address Book, so when I finally got the iSync set back up, b/c iSync always uses the Mac Address Book as the master, I lost a lot of these changes (the one positive thing about that was that the addresses that had tripled and quadrupled were now gone - any ideas as to why this happens every time I get a new device and how to fix this would also be appreciated). So what do I do now to get my changes back on to my Treo/into my Mac Address Book, can I import this into the Mac Address Book, or will this just be a big, big mess 'cause of the multiple entries? What do I do in the future to avoid it syncing with Palm Desktop at first (or I guess that doesn't matter if you set up the iSync right away again?)?

    Sorry this is so long, but two other quick questions - 1)are there any issues with syncing a treo to both a Mac and a PC (I'm thinking about doing that just to have a backup)? and 2)is the Windows Mobile OS pretty compatible w/ Macs, or not so much (just thinking about the future)?

    Alright, again, sorry for the long-winded question. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    1) I personally wouldn't recommend it. I was initially trying to do this when I first switched over to a Mac 3 years ago, and it never worked for me. If you just want another backup, use a backup program to backup to an SD card.
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    To be compatible with WM and a Mac you should look into Missing Sync
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    I sync my treo650 with a PC and my iBook without issue. I don't use Outlook or Entourage but I use iCal and Address Book on the mac with missing sync and palm desktop on the PC. No worries or issues.
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    Get rid of palm desktop and just use markspaces missing sync. It's much cleaner and easier. Better than isync also. Yes, it does cost some cash...but it is well worth it.

    I've been through palm desktop and isync both with their own quirks...missing sync just worked.

    BTW- I don't work for missing sync
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    Quote Originally Posted by pizzarascal View Post
    Get rid of palm desktop and just use markspaces missing sync. It's much cleaner and easier. Better than isync also. Yes, it does cost some cash...but it is well worth it.

    I've been through palm desktop and isync both with their own quirks...missing sync just worked.

    BTW- I don't work for missing sync
    I highly recommend MissingSync also. And I don't work for them either
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    I previously synced a Palm III with a PC and my Mac for a few years with no issues.

    Now I'm syncing a Treo 700p with my Mac and with a Windows PC. I've only synced with both about 3 times. I originally was syncing with a demo version of Missing Sync, but am going to see if I can get the sync setup to my satisfaction without it (it's an awesome app, but I just want to determine if I *really* need it).

    I have had an issue with e-mail addresses duplicating (or triplicating---is that a word?) which I think is due to them being categorized differently (work vs. home vs. etc.) between the PC and the Mac (Palm Desktop and Address Book respectively), but I think I can get that sorted out.

    If you haven't tried the Missing Sync, you might want to try the free trial. It *is* a really slick app.
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    I couldn't get Missing Sync to work with Entourage and my intel imac... Mark/Space said it could be related to Entrouage running in Rosetta emulation.

    Tried multiple times... it never worked and only provided error messages. I'd love to know what you guys know is so great about Missing Sync. But I'm unwilling to give up Entourage so I feel damned to use Palm Desktop for the life of this Treo 700p... sadly...
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    Why not use iCal and Address Book from the Mac? It integrates much better with the rest of the Mac than the Palm desktop applications. I for one am perfectly happy with Missing Sync + iCal + Address Book.
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    I like Entourage, frankly. I like scheduling, mail and contacts in one place. I'm an old PC/Outlook holdover, I guess... too many apps and windows open at once on my desktop if I used iCal, Address Book and Mail instead.
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    I've never tried Entourage but I can understand the advantage of integrated mail, contacts and appointments. What I meant was, if Entourage is ruled out because of sync incompatibilities with the 700p and the choice were between the Palm desktop apps and the Apple equivalents, wouldn't Apple be preferable - unless of course you just didn't want to spend the $40 for Missing Sync?
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    I don't know... you could be right, I suppose. Is Missing Sync such a breath of fresh air that I'd stop missing Entourage? I guess that's the question for me.

    I'm curious now, I admit. Maybe I'll import all my entrouage elements into the Apple Apps to see what happens... Damn, importing years of emails could take a while...
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    The biggest dis-advantage of using Palm desktop in my opinion is that you have to maintain two contact data bases - one including phone numbers for the Treo, and another including email address for whatever email program you're using. And trying to keep both of them current is theoretically possible but it just doesn't happen - no one is disciplined enough do that. (After all, not having to maintain multiple data bases manually is the whole reason for doing syncs.)

    As a result, I used iSync and the Apple desktop applications (mail, ical, address book) for a long time. It worked fine but I still needed to use Palm Desktop just for memos. Also, iSync doesn't sync a lot of fields with Palm devices, and doesn't preserve "category" information - this is discussed in many threads including the first sticky in this forum. It's not a fatal flaw but annoying nonetheless.

    Then I 'upgraded' to Verizon 1.05a ROM (for the 650) and for whatever reason I could no long sync using iSync. So I tried Missing Sync. It was somewhat painful to get it to work, but after I while I beat it into submission and now it does everything I would want a sync program to do, and does it correctly (for now, anyway.) It syncs many fields, including pictures of contacts, and has a stand-alone memo application. I'm happy for now...
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    I just use the Entourage conduit for everything. The Treo synchs with the Entourage contact folder.
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    Understood, but I thought that Entourage conduit doesn't work for you now on a 700p/imac, so you're looking for an alternative? I have a 650/G4 so I don't know for sure if the Apple Apps route will work for you, but it's worth a try...
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    Oh, let me make sure I'm understanding you correctly.... you use iSynch, which makes sure the Apple apps are synched with Entourage... then you sync the treo with the Apple applications... is that right?
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    Nope, I don't use Entourage, iSync or any desktop Palm applications at all.

    I just use missing sync, which syncs (both ways) between the Apple applications (iCal, Address Book) and the Treo. The mac doesn't have a memos type application, but missing sync comes with one, so memos on the treo sync (both ways) with missing sync's desktop memos application. It all works well for me.
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    I third or fourth MissingSync; by no means perfect, it does work very well.

    For Memo sync, I recommend StickyBrain (if you can get it); its latest incarnation is SOHO Notes, which doesn't show up in the MissingSync Menu Item, like before-- and of course, both parties blame each other.

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