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    I'm, trying to get my Treo 650 to find my bluetooth head set. there are no Discovery Results.
    Bluetooth is on, Discoverable is on, setup divices/hands free setup/next/nearby devices. nothing ever appears.

    Any setting you guys can think of that i missed.
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    you got to make sure that the headset is in pairing mood. to do so you need to press a button or buttons for a certain amount of time and wait for it to start blinking the pairing-blinks and then the treo should eventually do you the favour of finding it. at times it can be tricky. it all depends on the type of headset etc. just keep fiddling, do a reset, delete previous bt gadgets etc etc.
    wish you luck
    ...and dont give up

    i have had these situations. the palmOS treo needs a lot of love, patience and attention. in the end you8 will be rewarded
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    Cool thanks,

    I'll keep pokin' at it

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