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    I bought a Cingular 650 over Ebay for a decent price and I brought it to a buddy who works at UNICEL to get the phone switched over. Now here comes the fun part, the phone and organizer work fine, but I am being told there is no way to send pictures or get on the internet with this phone because it has some sort of proprietary software from Cingular? is this true, is there any way to fix this? That is like 33% of why I bought the phone. Somebody help me!!!!
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    Firstly, I am the official dummy at TreoCentral.

    A standard Cingular Treo650, which has the original non-hacked ROM will not have this restriction. If the Treo was locked, the phone wouldn't work with UNICEL SIM card.

    Why don't you try to get on the internet. You already bought the Treo ...
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    Phone has been unlocked,, but I am not able to get to the internet for some reason, I was not given exact reasoning,, but they said that they couldn't change the network that the phone tries to get on, it will only try to get on Cingular's network, I cannot make it go to the UNICEL network. It asks me for some sort of PIN-ID for Cingular which I don't have because I have service with UNICEL
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    Artie, I'm sure I'm a bigger dummy than you, but I must bow to aprasad because of his avatar. . .

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    I see. The Cingular ROM may have some Network settings specific to Cingular.

    Try Prefs -> Network and see if that has Cingular-type settings even with your UNICEL SIM. See if UNICEL can provide you with settings to enter there. There are lots of Network setup screens so check all of them out.
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    Ok,, wierd, now I can get on the internet but I can't send a picture message,, any clues?
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    try a demo of snapper or one of the other email programs and see if they'll let you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by artmonaghan View Post
    Ok,, wierd, now I can get on the internet but I can't send a picture message,, any clues?
    Did you put in the right MMS gateway address and the right MMS url? and the right MMS network profile?

    Start making a MMS, then press menu, then options, then preferences.
    Go to the network tab and fill out
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    THanks guys,, problem solved, just needed the right MMS data

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