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    Has anyone started using this case for the 680?

    How's the fit and functionality? I don't need a screen protector.

    I'm a long time 600 and 650 pocket carrier and have used silicone skins despite their stickiness. I like the idea of the leather so has anyone used the Sena with the 680 or the 650.

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    I bought one and have been using if for almost a week. I got the one without the belt clip. I usually carry it in my shirt pocket or jacket pocket.

    The quality is great. It fits very well except that it "bulges" a little around the side of the screen. I was a little worried about the snap closure being too bulky but it's fine. (The Bellagio csae I had for my 650 had a magnetic closure.) The SENA case seems to be made better than the Belllagio.

    All of the buttons and features have full access. I can even keep the Treo in the case and put it in the Treo cradle.

    I bought it from a seller on eBay and got it with free shipping.

    All in all, I am very pleased.
    Dennis G. Esler

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