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    Recently purchase a Treo 650 and am having problems with synching. I get part way thru and it seems to get hung-up. The screen says "Synchronizing midataidcache" and just sits there. I have let it go as long as an hour to no avail. This unit was purchased used so can't go back to a retailer with this.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Post the contents of the Hotsync log. Right click the hotsync icon in the systray (bottom right of Windows). That will let you see the log.

    If you select Custom, it will let you disable conduits that are activated during the sync. Note, the changes are for the next sync only, unless you make the changes stick by checking the "Set as Default" box.

    Anyway, disable all conduits and see if the sync happens without errors. Then anable the conduits one by one and see which one results in the error.

    My guess is, it is the Backup conduit. This one backs up the files on the Treo to a directory called Backup in the C:\Program Files\Palmone\<your id> location.

    I am also guessing that one of your Versamail files (it used to be called MultiMail before Palm one bought it) is corrupt.

    This article tells you how to remove all Versamail files and re-create them (you'll have to re-define your e-mail accounts).,CASE=36541
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