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    I have been using PdaNet with a usb cable on the Sprint network since it was released for the 650. I have been content with it since it was always just an occasional temporary need when I was away from home for a few hours or at most a few days.

    The problem is that now I'm traveling in my new RV for the entire winter and I just can't live with the slow speeds I'm getting, typically around 90-110kbps down and 10-40kbps up. I know the network supports much higher speeds but I'm just not getting them. I'm currently in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area so I'm actually in a EVDO Rev A area. Is there a bottle-neck in either the 650 or PdaNet or do I perhaps need to change some settings?

    Has anyone compared the speeds between a Treo/PdaNet setup and a Sprint Broadband Wireless Card setup? Since I'm going to be on the road for so long, I'm willing to spend the money on the card and another service plan but not if I'm only going to get the same lame speeds I'm getting now.

    Thanks in advance for any help! :-)
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    The 650 does not have an EVDO radio so it cannot take advantage of the high speed service. You either need to upgrade to the 700 or get a card for your laptop.
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    That explains a lot. Does the 700 work with EVDO Rev A?

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