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    So I was on the internet on my Treo and all of a sudden it froze then went to the Access screen then to the Palm screen then froze again.

    I took the battery out and put it back in and the Treo rebooted. Everything looked fine until I went to my text messages...they were all gone!

    All of my texts, before I lost them, were still in my inbox. So everything... inbox, sent, drafts...gone!

    I want them back! if I sync my Treo will it restore those old texts? My last sync was about 3 weeks ago so I know nothing after that would be saved obviously but... will my pre-sync texts be pulled back or did I lose them forever?

    Also, I just noticed there's an actual saved folder on my Treo for texts, which none of my messages were in. For future reference, would having my messages in there have made a difference?
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    Yes, Everything will be restored the way it was when you last synced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kavione View Post
    Yes, Everything will be restored the way it was when you last synced.
    careful though, check the settings on the conduits. since it sounds like your treo wasn't completely wiped it may still try to backup the messages database. to be safe go into you're backups folder and find the messages.db file and send it to your treo. this should restore your messages up to the last time you synced.
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    Thanks, guys.

    And PDR, I did as you said and it worked perfectly. Thank you!

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