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    has anyone experienced a similar problem? i try to open the email application, and i see it for a split second, then get taken back to whichever screen i came from. i tried sync'ing, figuring perhaps it would magically fix my problem, and no luck.

    as far as i can tell, this has started randomly. i installed butler and volumecare a few days ago, but the email program had been working fine until today. i also tried yanking my battery for a few seconds, with no fix.


    on a related note, if i hard-reset my phone, then sync'd, would things be put back to how they are prior to the hard-reset? and if so, how do i hard-reset?
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    update: a hard reset and subsequent sync did not fix the problem.
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    ...i'm an *****.

    apparently in the past day or two, in tooling around with the palm desktop software, i clicked the 'versamail' tab and started exploring. while i thought i was verifying the settings of my current email setup, i had in fact created a NEW account, with the same name, settings, etc. this must have befuddled the email application, and made it close each time i tried opening it.

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