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    Just wondered what people are paying for data? Particularly in the UK.

    I've had my 680 for 2 weeks and used around 12mb of data. I'm currently on an Orange talkshare plan with no lock in with an extra unlimited data bundle for an extra 3.95 per month (approx $7) on which I can do everything (normal web and wap plus pop mail downloads) except send pop mail - for that I have to use a second data connection which costs me 3 for 1 mb of data - which covers most of what I send - just a hassle having to download on one plan then disconnect and then reconnect - but livable with unless there is something better available.

    So for 6.95 I have unlimited data down and up for web browsing and 1mb of data to send email. Anyone using anything better priced?
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    Wow that's pretty harsh. I'm not really familar with orange data. I'm really inquiring so when I have international customers ask. Now there is no unlimited data package?
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    no there is a true unlimited plan but it costs 80 per month...... so only 160 bucks. Who says rip off Britain.....

    The data bundle I have gives me virtually unlimited access for 4 - this plan was withdrawn 3 years go so isn't available now.
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    I use my 680 at Claro in Brazil.

    Unlimited data costs R$140 (US$65.29)

    10MB R$35 (US$16.32)
    40MB R$80 (US$37.31)

    If you don't go for the data package you'd just pay R$6 (US$2.8) for every MB you use.

    I got the 10MB one for start just to see how data hungry daily usage would be.

    OUCH for that unlimited plan in UK!!!!
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    I guess we have it pretty good here in the US. I pay $20/month with Cingular.
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    I find it hard to believe, but it looks like t-zones is free for T-Mobile To Go prepaid phones. I've had my 680 for a couple days now, and I've not been docked anything from my prepaid balance for using the internet. I've experienced a few temporary outages, though.
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    I just grabbed my son's togo sim and tried it out. It does work, for everything! No ports blocked. It did not do this a while ago. I am going to try again with a 650.

    Does work on 650. hmm.
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    I am on the old T-Mobile Internet for $20/month unlimited (grandfathered in). I hope to remain on it until HSDPA rollout (not that my Treo could use that network anyway)...
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    for some reason the t-zones blocked port 80 has been unblocked for at least a week now. It's functioning exactly the same as the internet connection plan except for $14/month LESS.

    Gotta love it.

    But even normally, t-zones is exactly the same as the internet data plan except that they block direct access to port 80. Just setup the proxy server setting in you blazer and it's full unlimited internet access for $5/month instead of $20.
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    I use InfoNub for all my data applications -- it uses text messages so I don't need to worry about an expensive data plan. But prior to that I was spending $20/month for data, more than I thought it was worth, but not too bad when compared to Verizon's $44.95/month plan I guess.
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    what is the Proxy server for Blazer (I'm a Tmobile user)-port 8080?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeZ View Post
    I am on the old T-Mobile Internet for $20/month unlimited (grandfathered in). I hope to remain on it until HSDPA rollout (not that my Treo could use that network anyway)...
    The "old" plan was unlimited internet for $20/mth, the "new-old" plan was unlimted internet plaus T-Mobile hotspots for $30/mth. The present plan is $20/mth for unlimited internet plus t-mobile hotspot.

    I am trying out the international blackberry plan $20/mth, and will let you know how it works for unlimited international data.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brianarodgers View Post
    what is the Proxy server for Blazer (I'm a Tmobile user)-port 8080?

    Check out:
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    I currently pay NZ$39.95/month for 200MB of Data, which is about US$31/month.

    US$8.70/MB (!) for casual use, or on prepaid cards (which make up the majority, I believe).

    US$8.70/month for 3MB, provided you're on a plan. Almost always worth it.

    US$16.60/month for 15MB.

    US$46.50/month for 1GB.

    US$61.90/month for 3GB.

    There's no such thing as unlimited internet access in New Zealand, not even for Cable or ADSL.

    So yeah. I reckon we get a bit ****ed over here. Oh, and that's for GPRS access with a Treo 680. It would cover 3G, but does the Treo have that? Nope.
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    7.50 per month for unlimited (as long as you think thats 1GB and you aren't allowed to stream audio or video or use instant messaging or tether your phone to a laptop) data per month.
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    Also with Orange UK (monthly contract), I have their off-peak 5 per month data plan, if used during the day the charges are greatly reduced and capped at 1.50 per day iirc.

    Suits my needs at the minute, but if I was to change it would probably be to a T-Mobile Web N Walk Plan.
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    I currently have pay-as-you-go data just in case, but never use it. I am getting a piece of equipment that I can monitor online from my PDA, and am trying to figure out what this will cost me.
    AT&T's site shows 44.95 under [shop-plans-data plans-PDA's and smartphones] for unlimited included data (PDA personal MAX with 1500 messages)
    I read somewhere that Media Net bundles are not for PDA's and smartphones - I have the Treo 680. Is that the plan for me?
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    I'm in Italy.
    The best you can get is 250M/month for 3€ (about 4.5US$).
    It works for everything...
    Then there are larger offers, but usually people use them to connect to the Internet using the mobile as a modem.

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