TIA - I'm trying to figure out the best way to sync with a MS Exchange server. Here's what I understand my options are:

1. Use Chatteremail EX for email and XChangeSync for PIM -- This is the solution I am using now (email is amazing) but the PIM support is still rough and only includes calendar

Other options -- what are your experiences?

1. Wireless Sync (Verizon) - seems like I could get all email/PIM but I don't like the idea of having to keep a computer on at all times for this to work. Is "push" really possible - does it work? Any experience -- are people happy with this approach

2. Versamail -- but since I have a T650 -- I will not get full PIM support.

I would really appreciate peoples thoughts/experiences -- how have you made this work? Is there any way for me (with a 650) to get the lastest version of Versamail - I think this has a more robust PIM support?

Thanks again